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zeitkratzer WHITEHOUSE electronics


CD, 8-page-booklet
duration: 27:15

all music by WHITEHOUSE, William Bennett
arranged by Reinhold Friedl
performed by zeitkratzer

zkr0007 zeitkratzer records
Barcode: 4250137238920

distributed by Broken Silence [UK: Shellshock, US: Forced Exposure, F: Metamkine, JAP: Disk Union]



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01 Munkisi Munkondi 05:04
02 Nzambi Ia Lufua 02:43 Nzambi la Lufua               
03 Scapegoat 04:30 Scapegoat               
04 Fairground Muscle Twitcher 02:34 Fairground Muscle Twitcher               
05 Bia Mintatu 06:53 Bia Mintatu 06:53               
06 The Avalanche 04:19 The Avalanche               

zeitkratzer directed by Reinhold Friedl
|| Frank Gratkowski < clarinets || Matt Davis < trumpet || Hilary Jeffery < trombone|| Reinhold Friedl < piano || Rhodri Davies < harp || Maurice de Martin < drums, percussion || Burkhard Schlothauer < violin || Anton Lukoszevieze < violoncello || Ulrich Phillipp < double bass || Ralf Meinz < sound ||

rehearsals and mixing in collaboration with William Bennett [WHITEHOUSE]

All music recorded at Festival Les Musiques GMEM Marseille, France, May 14, 2009
recorded by Ralf Meinz, mixed and mastered by Ralf Meinz and Reinhold Friedl
produced by Reinhold Friedl

William Bennett is one of the great pioneers of noise and industrial music. His influential project WHITEHOUSE has become a worldwide reference. The music on this CD and the arrangements by Reinhold Friedl were worked out in close collaboration with William Bennett and the zeitkratzer musicians. The compositions are short, very clear, and have an unbelievable impact, the sounds are harsh and exactly defined. This music is an adventurous journey into the amplified acoustic noise of musical instruments.
This project would not have been possible without the experience of zeitkratzer in noise and sound music, for example in their collaborations with Merzbow, Lou Reed, Zbigniew Karkowski or Keiji Haino. This CD is one of the most concentrated and precise noise works, zeitkratzer has ever presented. Real saturation!


Wer bis dato glaubte, dass ein klassisches Ensemble in Punkto Härte und Schärfe zurückstehen muss, wird hier sehr schnell eines Besseren belehrt. Klingt schwer vorstellbar? Klingt schwer vorstellbar!
Sonic Seducer, 2010-11

Una veramente ottimo disco, peccato solo per la troppo breve durata.
A really great disc. The only sin: it is too short.
Blow Up, Italy, 2010-11

C’est fantastique, bref, definitive. De l’ordre d’une sublime expérience sonore. De l’extrême bruit mélodique. Nécessaire.
Revue & Corrigée, 2011-03

You squirm in your seat, unsure of why you’re listening, yet still you hang on for more.
The Wire Magazine, London, 2010-11

Excellent work. It must have been one hell of an evening. A total racket.
Vital Weekly 750, 2011

It was, I repeat, an amazingly pleasurable experience to work with such incredibly talented musicians there in Marseille; this release is a great testament to their brilliant and thrilling performance.
William Bennett in his Blog, WHITEHOUSE

…das gibt meiner Vorstellungskraft den Gnadenschuss. Bennetts Noise hallt wider als schrille Glissandos, furioses Fräsen, als molekulares Granulieren. Blöcke und Wände aus White Noise verflüssigen sich zu kakophon knarrenden, schleifenden, vuvuzela-röhrenden, rumpelnden, tremolierenden, pervers schillernden Klangströmen.
Bad Alchemy, 2010-10

Ein Muss für all jene, die sich nie etwas aus brüllenden Noise gemacht haben. 5/5
Aemag, Austria, 2010-11

Une apocalypse sonique. Des réelles incantations, une sorte de transe voodoo et tribale qui nous investit d'une force mystique.
Beyondthenoize, France 2011

La fureur et la chaleur ! …  très abouti avec le sérieux et la maitrise qui font le succès de cet ensemble hors norme.
Radio France, France Musique 11/2010

a must-have
goutemesdisques.com, 2011

Klangarchitektonische Körpererfahrung. Brachialität in all ihrer ambivalenten Schönheit. Definitiver Tipp!
Skug, Austria, 2011-01

Spannende musikalische Kost!
De:Bug, 2010-11