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Hilary Jeffery

Hilary composes and plays music, writes and makes visual art. As a trombonist Hilary has recorded and played live with many musicians and groups including Apa Ini, The Barton Workshop, Paul Dunmall Quartet and Octet, Moksha Big Band, Hugh Davies, Lysn, Jimi Tenor, Kreepa, Germ, Sand, Keith Tippetts Tapestry, Catherine Christer Hennix and The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble.
Hilary studied at Dartington College of Arts, the University of York, the Institute of Sonology and with James Fulkerson at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem, Netherlands, and subsequently worked on dance performances with various choreographers including Aurora Corsano, Vania Gala, Mary O'Donnell, Jane Mason, Joao da Silva and Saburo Teshigawara (the latter with the English rock band Sand).
Hilary often tours - travelling through Europe, Britain, Japan, America, Australia and elsewhere, to many inspiring places including the Sahara Desert (1990), Dartington Hall, underground raves in the UK (early '90s and'00s), the Anthroposophic "Goetheanum" (1994), Abney Park Cemetery in London (1996), Vienna Volksoper (2000), Tokyo New National Theatre (2000/2002), Stubnitz Boat (2001), burlesque cabarets in NYC (2001), Alicante Casino (2002), Potsdam Fabrik (2004), Genk Mine (2005), Zacherl Fabriek Vienna (2007) and OT301 - the old film academy in Amsterdam (2002 - 2008).
Hilary is currently developing a new group called Lysn to play psychedelic drone music and has recently finished a second CD of solo trombone and electronics. Other current activities include a collaboration with the Viennese music-producer Patrick Pulsinger, an exhibition of visual art in Amsterdam and the composition of new works for Viola / Double Bass and Big Band